Gen Z: No workplace plastics please!

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Young people now entering the workforce are more environmentally conscious than their precessors and expect employers to take action to protect the environment, a survey by Censuswide reveals.
The survey compared the attitudes of 1,000 of the first members of Generation Z to enter the workforce (18-22 year olds) with 1,000 of the first Millennials (33-37 year olds) and found a considerable shift in attitudes across the generations. Eighty per cent of Generation Z ranked tackling single use plastics as important or very important for employers, ahead of reducing electricity and water consumption and reducing greenhouse gases and 37% consider a potential employer’s environmental responsibility when looking for a job.
Forty-three per cent of these said they would be shocked if their employer continued to use single use plastics in the workplace.

Bron: Gen Z: No workplace plastics please!

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